Titan Distribution

Wheels and Rims

Titan Distribution has access to the largest range of off the road wheels and rims across the world, with products available from both Titan International and Titan Europe spanning all sizes from the smallest turf wheels to the largest 63” construction wheels. Titan Europe’s wheel division has a strong presence in the construction, earthmoving and mining industries, supplying to all the major original equipment manufacturers as well as being the leading European agricultural wheel manufacturer for tractors, combines, specialist irrigation and spraying equipment. Our agricultural wheel series is extensive and includes manually adjustable track wheels, power adjustable track wheels, fixed disc wheels, row-crop/ narrow wheels and high speed wheels.

As the needs of the European off the road markets grow more sophisticated every day, so does the technology of the components. The redesign of vehicle drivelines and axles to compensate for these higher speeds has impacted on wheel and tyre assembly. In response, our wheels are designed and manufactured using leading edge technologies in material specifications and manufacturing processes to ensure that the optimum “round” wheel is created and enable comfortable use both on and off the road.