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Agricultural Wheels/ Rims

Agricultural Wheels/ Rims

As the leading European agricultural wheel manufacturer for tractors, combines, specialist irrigation, and spraying equipment, the Titan agricultural wheel series is extensive and includes:

  • Manually Adjustable Track Wheels
  • Power Adjustable Track Wheels
  • Fixed Disc Wheels
  • Row-crop & Narrow Wheels
  • High Speed Wheels

Titan's rim production range includes all sizes of W, DW, DWW as well as 15 degrees and drop centre series from 15” up to 54” diameter.

High Speed Wheels

Titan is the leading manufacturer of high speed wheels for agricultural tractors. Our recent adjustable “waffle” wheel manufactured in Europe and the successful fixed wheel range have been designed for tractors speeds above 40 kph, including for 65 kph vehicles to satisfy the ever increasing speed requirements of the European market. The adjustable “waffle” wheels are unique in being able to provide customers with high speed performance with the ability to change vehicle track settings.

As the needs of the European Tractor Market grow more sophisticated every day, so does the technology of the components. The redesign of tractor drivelines and axles to compensate for these higher speeds has impacted on wheel and tyre assembly. In response, Titan has developed the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that the optimum “round” wheel is created and these high speed wheels are uniquely designed to be used comfortably both on and off the highway.

Agricultural Wheels and Rims

ApplicationTypeOriginConfigurationDiameterWidthFlange HeightDesign
AgriculturalRimUSA 106.00JA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 125.00JA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 128.50JA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 129.50JA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1210.50JA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 134.50J  
AgriculturalRimUSA 145.00KB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 166.00KB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 147.00KB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 148.00KB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 153.00D  
AgriculturalRimUSA 154.00J  
AgriculturalRimUSA 154.50KB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 155.00KB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 156.00LB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 157.00JA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 158.00LB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1510.00LB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1512.00LB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1513.00LB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 164.00E  
AgriculturalRimUSA 164.25KA  
AgriculturalRimUSA 164.50E  
AgriculturalRimUSA 165.50F  
AgriculturalRimUSA 168.00LB  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16W8L  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16W10L  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16WH12  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16.1W11C  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16.1W14C  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16.1W16C  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16.1W18C  
AgriculturalRim  16.58.25  
AgriculturalRim  16.59.75  
AgriculturalRimUSA 16.512.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1713.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 17.510.50  
AgriculturalRimUSA 183.00D  
AgriculturalRim  185.50F  
AgriculturalRimITALY 18W7  
AgriculturalRim  189.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1811.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 1813.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 193.00D  
AgriculturalRimUSA 19.511.75  
AgriculturalRimUSA 19.512.25  
AgriculturalRimUSA 19.513.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 19.514.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 205.50F  
AgriculturalRimUSA 20W7L  
AgriculturalRimITALY 20W8  
AgriculturalRimITALY 20W9  
AgriculturalRim  20W10  
AgriculturalRim  20W11H  
AgriculturalRimITALY 2013.00  
AgriculturalRimUSA 20W14L  
AgriculturalRimUSA 24W7  
AgriculturalRim  24W8  
AgriculturalRimUSA 24W9  
AgriculturalRim  24W10  
AgriculturalRimITALY 24W11  
AgriculturalRim  24W12  
AgriculturalRimITALY 24W13  
AgriculturalRim  24W14  
AgriculturalRim  24W15L  
AgriculturalRim  24W16L  
AgriculturalRimUSA 24DW16  
AgriculturalRimUSA 24DW18  
AgriculturalRimUSA 2513.00LR  
AgriculturalRimUSA 26W12  
AgriculturalRimUSA 26DW14  
AgriculturalRimUSA 26W15L  
AgriculturalRimITALY 26DW15L  
AgriculturalRimUSA 26DW16  
AgriculturalRim  26DW20B  
AgriculturalRim  26DW25B  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 28W8  
AgriculturalRimUSA 28W9  
AgriculturalRim  28W10  
AgriculturalRim  28W11  
AgriculturalRim  28W12  
AgriculturalRim  28W13  
AgriculturalRim  28W14  
AgriculturalRim  28W15L  
AgriculturalRim  28W16L  
AgriculturalRim  28W18L  
AgriculturalRimITALY 28DW20B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 30DWW12  
AgriculturalRim  30DW13  
AgriculturalRim  30DW14  
AgriculturalRim  30DW15  
AgriculturalRim  30DW16  
AgriculturalRim  30DW20B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 30DW23B  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 32W7  
AgriculturalRim  32W8  
AgriculturalRimITALY 32W10  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 32W11  
AgriculturalRimUSA 32DW13  
AgriculturalRim  32DW21B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 32DH21H  
AgriculturalRim  32DW27B  
AgriculturalRim  32DH27H  
AgriculturalRimUSA 32DW30B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 32DH31H  
AgriculturalRimUSA 32DH36H  
AgriculturalRimUSA 32DH44H  
AgriculturalRimUSA 34W10  
AgriculturalRimUSA 34W13  
AgriculturalRimUSA 34W15L  
AgriculturalRimUSA 34W15A  
AgriculturalRim  34W16L  
AgriculturalRim  34W16A  
AgriculturalRim  34WH16A  
AgriculturalRim  34W18L  
AgriculturalRim  34W18A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 34MW20B  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 36W7  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 36W8  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 36W10  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 36W11  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 36W12  
AgriculturalRim  38W10  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 38W11  
AgriculturalRim  38W12  
AgriculturalRimITALY 38DWW12  
AgriculturalRimUSA 38W14  
AgriculturalRimUSA 38W15A  
AgriculturalRimITALY 38DWW15  
AgriculturalRimITALY 38DWW16  
AgriculturalRimUSA 38W16A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 38DD16  
AgriculturalRim  38W18A  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 38DWW20B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 38DD18  
AgriculturalRim  38MW23B  
AgriculturalRim  38MW25B  
AgriculturalRim  38MW27B  
AgriculturalRim  38MW28B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 38DH31H  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 42W7  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 42W8  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42W9  
AgriculturalRim  42W10  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42DW16A  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DWW16  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42DD16  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42DW16A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42W18A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42DD18  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42DW18A  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DWW18  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42MW20B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DW20B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42MW23B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DW23B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DW25B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DWW27B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 42MW28B  
AgriculturalRimITALY 42DW28B  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 44W7  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 44W8  
AgriculturalRimITALY 44W10  
AgriculturalRim  46W10A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 46DW10  
AgriculturalRim  46W12A  
AgriculturalRim  46W13A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 46DW13A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 46W16A  
AgriculturalRim  46DD16  
AgriculturalRimUSA 46DW16A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 46DW20B  
AgriculturalRimUSA 46DW38B  
AgriculturalRim  48W8A  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 48W10  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 48W12  
AgriculturalRimUSA 50W10A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 50DW10  
AgriculturalRim  50W12A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 50DW12  
AgriculturalRimUSA 50W15A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 50DW15  
AgriculturalRimUSA 50DW18A  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 52W10  
AgriculturalRimFRANCE 54W8  
AgriculturalRim  54W10A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 54W12A  
AgriculturalRimUSA 648457LSW  
AgriculturalRimUSA 521210LSW  
AgriculturalRimUSA 470483LSW  
AgriculturalRimUSA 343229LSW  
Agricultural Wheels/ Rims
Agricultural Wheels/ Rims